1. Strategic Planning


Betting it's a long term business, you need to be patient, profit doesn't come quickly, only with time comes success. To insure profit you need to be very calculated especially when you loose few bets in a row.

2. Risk Management


You need to establish a good money management. You need to have a solid betting bank, to win big you have to bet big. To insure long term continuity you need to place one Riskless tip on a single bet.

3. Clients Relationship


Is very important to us! We want to keep our clients for a long time and to achieve this we will try very hard to deliver the best of the best betting Riskless tips having also a fair price.

4. Investment


The amount of money that you invest when you purchase our SportsTips 1x2 will be recovered and you will have profit if your stake per bet for Fixed Match will be equal or more to 100 euro.

5. Re-Sales & Sharing


Reselling and/or sharing our tips on forums, social media or any other website is strickly forbidden. In this circumstances we reserve the right to stop the delivery of the betting tips and not refund the payment.

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